Your Hair Beauty is Unique.

Indulge it with a personalized hair care solution uniquely formulated for you.

Coming soon – summer 2017

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Does your shampoo & conditioner truly understand your hair?

At Elements Squared, your shampoo & conditioner are uniqeuly formulated so they work the best only on your hair. Be ready for a healthier scalp full of strong and easy to style hair.

E2 Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner Elements

How it works

1. Discover

Take a 3 minute quiz and let us discover your hair uniqueness. The quiz is in the final testing stage, sign up with us to be the first to take it.

2. Analysis

Upon the quiz completion. Your hair uniqueness will be analyzed by us and turned into a special shampoo & conditioner formula within seconds.

3. Build

The tailored shampoo & conditioner formula that only belongs to you will be turned into a detailed hair care report and can be mixed up for you to use.

4. Customize

Ever thought about fiddling with the shampoo and conditioner formula that you use? Go ahead and adjust the formula until you’re satified before you purchase.

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