Star Leave-in Conditioner

Your Hair, Managed.

Controls frizziness and Enhances your hair style to last through the day

Coming soon to Vancouver BC – Fall 2018

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Sustain your unique hair beauty

Your Star leave in conditioner is a cream like solution that uses natural ingredients such as coconut oil, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Olive oil to embrace your hair beauty through nurturing and remedifying.

Elementsquared Star Leave-in Conditioner

Formulated with Care

elementsquared vegan friendly icon

No animal by-products used

elementsquared sulfate free icon

Friendly to your skin and our earth

elementsquared not tested on animals icon

Help retiring guinea pigs

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Just in case it gets into your body

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Prolong and protect natural hair color of yours

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Slightly acidic to help reducing split ends and bateria

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